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Apple Store Authorised Repair Perth

Want to know a secret that most Perth iPhone repairers would never tell you and even your mobile network provider probably won’t reveal?

There is an official authorised Apple store in Perth and they repair iPhones.

They will replace your iPhone with a refurbished one for $250, even if it is totally smashed or dead from water damage. If you have an otherwise flawless iPhone 3G they will repair the glass screen for $129.

Apple $250 iPhone “Out Of Warranty” Repair Program


Apple Store Contact

http://www.apple.com/au/retail/perthcity/ A booking is required in advance.

Note - We are unaffiliated in any way to this store or Apple.

Why are we telling you about our competition?

  1. 1.You have a right to know, and virtually no one else will tell you or put you above profits.

  2. 2.Sometimes Apple is your best repair option. Daily we turn some customers away and instead send them to Apple, for example motherboard faults or severe water damage.

  3. 3.For many screen repairs, we believe our service is better because it’s high quality, faster and cheaper.

Our Service

We are a small Australian business built on a love for iPhones. After breaking our own, we soon specialised in just iPhone screen repair and have been trusted by countless Perth residents to fix common problems. We can swiftly repair your cracked glass or faulty display today, at an affordable price with quality that will last.

Details including pricing, repair times and warranty information can be found on our iPhone Repair Services page.

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